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Louis Fauchere's family in front of the Hotel hotel fauchere

The Fauchère clan poses on the Hotel's front lawn.

louis fauchere

Master chef louis fauchere

Louis Fauchère was born March 4, 1823, in Vevey, Switzerland, one of thirteen children. He began his apprenticeship as a cook, at the age of fifteen, being afterward employed in various prominent hotels in Switzerland. He married Rosalie Perrochet, in Switzerland, on November 16, 1846 and they had one daughter, Marie, who was born May 4, 1848. Louis ultimately immigrated to the US in 1851 where he soon found employment as a Master Chef at New York's famous Delmonico's Restaurant. In his early career in the US, he also worked (probably in the summertime) at Delavan House in Albany and at the Fort William Henry Hotel on Lake George.

In 1867, Fauchère moved permanently to Milford, Pennsylvania, purchasing a small saloon, known as the “Van Gorden & La Bar” and previously known as “The French Hotel” which is believed to have been owned by relatives of his wife, Rosalie Perrochet Fauchère, who had come to Milford as part of the French settlement in the early 19th century.

In any case, it seems possible that when Louis Fauchère advertised that Fauchère’s was established in 1852, he was either referring to when he first became a chef in America or when the original hotel on the site (the “French Hotel”) opened.

Fauchère, while a native of Switzerland, was French speaking and known in Milford for years as “the crazy Frenchman”. Whether he earned that nickname for tempestuous behavior befitting a mercurial master chef or whether it was because what he tried to create with the Fauchère was a crazy dream, or for some other reason, is not known.

Louis Fauchère’s innovative cuisine and stylish innkeeping was a hit in Pike County and by the late 1870’s, he had plans for a larger and grander building. The original Van Gorden and La Bar building was moved to the rear of the property (since demolished) and he set about constructing the elegant Italianate building that today remains the heart of the Hotel Fauchère.

Fauchère died on September 11, 1893, but had “personal charge” of the hotel until a year prior to his death, after which his daughter, Marie Fauchère Tissot, “a lady of marked executive ability and pleasing manners, under whose administration the house more than maintains its old popularity”, according to a biographical sketch of Louis Fauchère, took over. The hotel was run by descendants of Louis Fauchère, upholding the original high standards, with the innovative cuisine and stylish innkeeping until 1976, when the family sold the property.

the legacy

In the 1800's guests flocked from near and far to taste Louis Fauchere's innovative cusine and stay in his stylish hotel.

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